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R&D Photography

Dan & Rachael Walpole

Central Ohio Photographers

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This is an older photo of our family but we don't get the opportunity to be together as often as we want.  One of the reasons we love what we do, is so that we can travel to Brazil to see our other daughter!  We had the AMAZING opportunity of hosting the most wonderful girl in the world, and we are so proud that she is Rylee's big sister!  

One of my favorite things to do is to capture Dan taking photos of the client!  I always think it is such a neat photo!  I love capturing the fun relationship between photographer, and the couple!!!

Often candid photos are the most natural expressionistic example of your relationship with your partner.  Perhaps that is why they are my favorite thing to capture!  Those glances that you hold for a brief moment that maybe you don't see but you feel!  Things that have never been captured or recorded!  That is my passion!

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