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Group Photo Organization!!!

As another busy year winds down, Rach and I wanted to recap some of the things we loved from the past year! This photo is from Tyler and Elaina Smith's wedding where they put an interesting spin on listing out the family members for the group photos. As family members arrived at the wedding, they were instructed to find the cards with their name on them. These cards listed what movies the family member was to "star" in. Instead of someone standing there yelling for Aunt Patty or Uncle Joe, it was announced that the cast of Tarzan or The Lion King was being requested for group photos! Of course in this instance with all of the movies being Disney titles, Rach instantly fell in love with the idea!!! We rolled through a large number of group photos in record time as everyone that was needed for the photos, knew up front when they picked up the cards as they walked into the ceremony!

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