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Steam Punk Wedding... my new favorite theme!!!

​Theme: Steam Punk Colors: Plum, Lavender, Blue, & Sage

Make Up Artist: Carole with Brides by Blake

Hair Stylist: Vicki with Crimson & Clover Cake: Family Friend: Jessica Steuk

Photography: R&D Photography

This past week I witnessed what I believe is an up and coming trend which some of you may have heard of; "STEAM PUNK WEDDING!" It combines all the industrial gears, trains, top hats, and styles of the times. I truly believe this will take over the wedding community just like the barn and burlap styles did/do.

Meet Chris & Breanna

two high school sweethearts followed by the typical "it's about time," by most friends and family. The bride and groom added so many personal touches to their decor, activities, and wedding. By the end of this blog post I think you will agree Breanna could sell decor professionally, ESPECIALLY the head pieces!

Their wedding day story starts at Breanna's beautiful home that is a photographer's dream to photograph in. If we hadn't been blessed with such a beautiful day, I think I could have photographed in this home all day long without running into a creative block! My assistant Kayley and I arrived at 9:20am, Breanna was so calm and relaxed and even commented this was not how she was expecting to feel.

Carole with Brides by Blake did a fantastic job and truly paid attention to detail and what Breanna wanted. She even worked so well with the lighting she knew I would need when it was time to start photographing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a make up artist for their big day!

As we made our way through some of the details, I didn't think I could fall in love any more with a theme. Maybe it was because it was so original, or maybe it was the fact I love trains and gears, and everything I was seeing throughout the process, then I remembered, she made every detail. Clearly Breanna has an art background, but these head pieces, bouquet, and even the invitation are just magnificent! Here are some of the wonderful details from the day. I don't think Pinterest has ANYTHING on this brides talent! Wait till you see the concept for the cupcakes! (I'm clearly still blown away)

As the bridesmaids began to arrive it was evident just how much this bride was loved. They shared stories, laughed, and it didn't take long to see how close this group was, and how they had shaped Breanna as a person. Each bridesmaid did their own hair while Breanna and her mom Nancy had their make up and ​​hair styled. The bridesmaids wearing matching robes got her room all ready for champagne toast fun, getting the bride dressed, and even creative shots with her flower girl. ​​Vicki with Crimson & Clover, what more can I say other than wow! Every piece was placed perfectly, what a beautiful bride you helped make! I always love checking frequently on the progress of a brides hair. Watching it go from the beginning stages (cousin it) to the fabulous outcome that you see photographed here! Don't worry, it still looked this fantastic at the reception! The toast is always such a fun time to catch the candid laughter of the girls. I love how they get a chance just to be themselves, laugh, and squeal as that cork pops and they try to pour and then of course make toasts or just talk about how they know the bride. What we all love about candid photographs is that they truly capture the relationships, moments, and friendships that mean the world to each of us. These "moments" are not rehearsed and give our wedding parties time to just enjoy each other before all the hustle and bustle begins.

Now that both hair and make up were complete, it was time to have a little fun with her bridesmaids! One thing I always tell my couples is to build enough time in their day to truly enjoy it. As a photographer it sounds like it is just because I need more time to photograph group photos, but what it creates is relaxed portraiture and a calm and relaxing day for everyone. Taking their time to get ready, chat, and enjoy the moment was so refreshing and enjoyable.

The time finally came to get down the dress and what a stunning bride she truly was! Every detail from the make up and hair, to the dress was perfect.

It was now time for one of my favorite moments, the reveal with Dad. Kevin came in from a side door and couldn't hold back the tears as he gazed on his beautiful daughter (which I'm sure he still sees as His little girl).

Every father stands there and you can see that, "when did they grow up, and how so quickly?" look on their faces. As tears began to stream from both Dad and daughter the hankies came out, and the laughter started.

​Then of course, we had to have our fun! Kevin & Nancy's house is the perfect "Man Cave" entertainment zone. Surround sound, poker table, pool table, and bar... so ... of course we had to do a classic pose!!! lol I love it!

The guys got ready in a completely different fashion... with NERF GUNS..... ok people lets stop for a moment... these aren't your typical nerf guns, they have been hand painted, and aged, to look... UNREAL. The original ideas was to have a Nerf war... somewhere along the line the groom realized that the possibility of getting arrested (guns look so realistic too) would not be a good addition to the wedding day festivities. They settled for randomly shooting each other with the occasional, "ouch" around the house and through out the daily events.

It was time to arrive at the Royal American, where these two high school sweethearts would tie the knot. Little did I know that they would have such a tearful loving exchange including Chris pulling out a hankie for Breanna during the vowels.... this sentiment would be repeated as Breanna handed it right back to Chris during hers causing all the guests to laugh with joy.

In the photo above Chris hands Breanna a hankie to wipe her tears... moments later.....

it was returned!!!

I LOVE the bubble idea while walking down the isle!!!

I know this comes as a shocker, but more amazing details covered the reception hall!

It is finally time to talk about the cupcakes & cake!!! First of all Breanna told me that these were done by a family friend... What the what?! For sake of argument I'm going to call this person a PROFESSIONAL, and say that everyone should hire her, because not only did she also NAIL this theme, but the flavors were out of this world!

Each cupcake had a "theme" for their flavor... no I'm not joking... If you wanted strawberry you selected the pink gears...

R&D Photography is a husband and wife team that love to capture real life moments and emotions, whether it be at a wedding, family photos, or senior photos. Please check out our website, like us on facebook, and follow us on Instagram! Thank your for your referrals, we can't wait to work with you! ***Vendors Please contact me for photos

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