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When two people fell in love...

Colors: Aqua, shades of whites, creams, and some greenery Flowers: Hydrangeas, roses and peonies

Wedding Cake: Ferrari Baking Company

Hair Stylist: Casey at Artiques Salon

Make Up: Madison at Aesthetics Spa

Photography: R&D Photography

To say I was excited about Josh and Megan's wedding would be an understatement. I got the privilege to help them with some of the planning along the way so this wedding was a double dip in wedding planning and photography. Megan and I are both teachers so we instantly bonded on so many levels, and I think this helped us create a level of trust and laughter throughout the process. One of the things I never got tired of, was how genuine their love is. Every moment around this couple proved just how much they truly care for each other, support each other, and were excited for the next step along the way. As Saturday June 30, 2018 rolled around ... it was obvious... TODAY WAS GOING TO BE A SCORCHER. A LOT of the photographs normally taken outside were moved inside just to help the wedding party from melting away, or becoming a sweaty mess before the wedding even started. (Just think about the guys in their thank you!) Megan was not your typical bride, she didn't really want the day to be, "about her." In the planning she wanted "more time" with her girls, photographs, and even some crazy games! (girls you know what I'm talking about!) Each bridesmaid looked beautiful from head to toe, and as the stories and laughter began, it was obvious that these were true friendships with deep rooted love.

Josh also started the day with a shave at Lakeside Barber and Shave Parlor, oh how I wish more grooms would do this, what a cool addition to the day, and of course photographic opportunity! Lakeside did such a great job, my husbands first words were, "Hey Rach, I seriously want to book an appointment there, it was awesome!" For Dan to be that excited, and hearing all Josh & Megan had talked about it,... I guess that 5 star rating on Facebook is worth checking out!!!

The details of this wedding were spot on. From reveals, to spotlighting grandparents, memorials to those not with them anymore, and even the best wishes area, this DIY bride really knows her stuff. For example... she made all her seat covers, and sashes, backdrops and more! Seriously she is a walking Pinterest Board (and not the fails).

One of the comments Megan said as she was getting ready, which is my favorite comment to hear, was that she was, "so calm!" Perhaps that is why she was so much fun to photograph, because she was just,... happy. She didn't have doubts, reservations, or butterflies... no nerves, anxieties, or stress. She was just going to Darr Events to marry the man she loves, simple as that! (Josh this is where you say, "I'm so lucky!")

Staying inside to avoid the heat, was such a good decision! Loved our little finds at the The Glenn A. Gallagher Centre also!!!

Now the Mr. & Mrs. were off to get their photos together and then to their crazy fun reception! Did I mention that their DJ was one of the easiest to work with and that he actually MC'd the whole thing!? I hate awkward silences, but he had ZERO, and kept everyone laughing and involved! Future brides, look up Nyte-Flyte Entertainment, they are worth checking out!

^^^ I'm still laughing at his speech!!! I think Josh hired a comedian to be his best man, because Cody gave an EPIC speech. One of those "no dry eyes" in the house but not from sadness kind of speeches.

I told you the DJ was great ^^^

Dear Ferrari Baking Company, why must you be so good? Here is the issue with Ferrari ... they are located right here in Mount Vernon on the square... UNFORTUNATELY for my waist line, they don't JUST do wedding cakes... from one chocolate fan to another, try the Chocolate Seduction ... it will change your life... Megan, you know what I'm talking about. Megan didn't have this when she was on her strict wedding diet Josh. I promise you, she would never! :) It's called wedding stress.... or Monday... maybe Tuesday... actually any day is great for Ferrari :) Future brides... HINT HINT! These two were so nice on their cake cutting! I wouldn't have called mine a cake cut... more like a cake smash borderline injure :)

Last but not least we have the Sparkler Exit! Did I mention they were off to Mexico?! JEALOUS!!! Congrats you two, and thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful day! Friends & Family of Josh & Megan we would like to thank you for helping make this day go smoothly and for your wonderful job on group photos! Don't forget to like us on Facebook to see the latest from their big day!

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