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Crazy Times!!!

​​When you live in Ohio you learn a lot about weather. You learn to accept/expect variety. In one week you might experienced a monsoon of rain, cold weather, rain again, wind, sleet.... and then... this gorgeous fall ​

​like day with that perfect golden hour lighting. ​

​ As we started taking some of the individual shots, I couldn't help but smile as I posed our first... victims.. I mean clients. Victims?!

​Why would I use that word?!!!! Well, I'll have to be really honest with you friends, I teach these two "little ones," and it was fun to get to interact, pick on, and even actually do my job and photograph them as expected. Hey, how can I miss the opportunity to pick on them?

I love watching families interact and have a good time together!

As we continued through each family, the parents, the grandparents photos, and even the grand kids it was so fun to watch every personality pop. Watching a family gab and chat or make funny noises, jump around, or run in for the tickle to keep Addie (the baby) happy and get the best smile. Little did we know that a smile wasn't what we should be aiming for... THIS LITTLE GIRL LOVES TO CLAP! We laughed pretty hard at this discovery and all the photos to follow.


Moving on to the "generational photo," we pulled out our ever so popular 1, 2, 3, pose photos. For those of you that have never photographed us this is that moment where we as the photographers get to enjoy photographing your family/bridal party/children more than just the photos hung on a wall. The idea is to enjoy each other and catch those candid smiles, but what we did to this family was oh so sweet! 1, 2, 3, pose..... 1, 2, 3, pose....1, 2, 3, pose..... 1, 2, 3, pose.... 1, 2, 3, now hug someone, 1, 2, 3, love on them some more, 1, 2, 3, now tickle them like they deserve! Watching it was priceless, but the the real joy was the rapid fire photos when editing... people squirming away from their cousinly hug now turned tickle-monster, or the loving husband turned evil as his wife squirms away. (see below)

Generational Photo Before Rach's little

​Fun Pose #1

​​Fun Pose #2

Fast Forward to Sweet Hug....

Fast Forward to Tickling.... (I feel bad about this... nope)

Please direct your attention to the left side where Jack appears to being doing his best Matrix move...

​​Many of you who know me, know I'm all about relationships,... photos don't always have to be posed, photos don't always have to be perfect. Sometimes the occasional tickle will induce motion blur and an unevenly weighted image, but the "experience" along the way, memories, and making that "painful 2-hour session," feel like living life. I don't want to just capture faces, I want to create, enjoy, but most of all document moments.

As you glance through these photos, think of your own family and friends, feel free to steal these techniques, just share your epic stories over the holidays as you torture..... I mean, LOVE on the ones you care about! Keep taking photos, and stay tuned for some holiday advice on taking those photos :)

The Sisters :)

"You just discovered the single best shopping deal on Black Friday....!!!"

​​To the Family : Thank-you for being such great sports, and laughing along the way, I look forward to many more adventures in the future:) I loved the idea of this Christmas gift to your Mom & Dad, and she actually spoke to me as we were walking around saying: "This was an amazing gift, I already have everything I need, I just want these moments and photos." In a world where we have "Amazon Prime" at our fingertips, sometimes it's the gift of memories that goes farther than any material item we can buy! You did great spoiling your parents girls, well done.... no what do I get my parents?! lol


Other News at R&D Photography Lets talk about excitement. I AM SO STINKING EXCITED!!! So much going on over here at R&D and I haven't had the opportunity to share it yet! Where do I start? I can't start from the beginning because I'm too outrageously excited to contain it!!!

First off we are starting to book our 2018 weddings and meet some amazing couples! One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is meeting people and hearing their story! Everyone has a story, and it is through the relationships we build that we learn to capture personalities and the story behind the lens! Dan and I are constantly pushing to learn and challenge ourselves as we grow in our craft/art and I'm sure you will see a lot of change and excitement along the way as we apply all that we are learning. We are also training our first group of photographers and some of them will even assist us at weddings, and even take on the role as a second shooter or associate photographers. Teaming up with these awesome personalities and talents will allow us to have more available schedule times and even focus our craft to our strengths. (Especially during the fall mini-sessions... thank-you to all of our patient clients booked through December... lol) One of our connections studied graphic design after training under me for about 3 years and will be doing a part time internship, although she brings so much creativity and love to the field that I am sure she will move to "associate" photographer soon!

If you or your friends are interested in learning more about photography send us a message so we know to create more classes to go out, have a good time, improve your lifetime photos, and enjoy taking photos. We will be creating classes for professionals as well as anyone just wanting to understand their camera, or take better sports photos, learn about lenses, work with lighting, or getting authentic smiles!

We will be introducing some amazing new team members soon, and I know you will love them as much as I do! As always thank you for staying tuned with all that is going on, and have an amazing weekend!

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